Stuckness and Change

I’ve felt stuck more than a few times in my life and being a believer in owning my situations and reactions to them, I always look to things I can learn or change to unstick things. I think it’s a … Read More

Black holes are a change mechanism

If we’re lucky we’ll only see a few black holes in our lifetime. The thing is black holes can appear out of nowhere – one day you’re jogging along quite nicely, next minute one tiny thing happens and there you … Read More


Surplus feels like it is somehow at the core of the 3 c’s – civilization, culture and creativity. In the sense that if there is no surplus each person would be engaged in providing for their own survival, that is, … Read More

Default state is change resistant

I started researching change a few years ago when I realised that the enlightened notion of ‘teach a man to fish’ thing didn’t actually work in practice when there has been prolonged difficulty or poverty or challenge; because, where social … Read More