Festival and Gig Photography

Being in East Africa for 9 years, rekindled my love of photography after a number of years gap. Working with creatives and musicians growth hacking the local music industry, photography was a great way to draw attention. The often less than good lighting at concerts in Nairobi, just served to make it more of an extreme sport, made compelling by the potential impact for the musicians.

I love low light, searching for that expression you know to be the truth of someone. I prefer the reportage, candid that a long lens can bring minimising my impact on the scene. I take a lot of shots because those micro expressions really count. I try to post process as little as possible. When the lighting is bad it’s about working that much harder to find the shot.

I’ve snapped top international artists in East Africa and the UK and covered events and festivals from Zanzibar to Womad.

It’s sometimes about the art not the money – so if you have a music project, tour, concert, artist profile, album cover you want shooting – pitch me – and I’ll see if it resonates.