There are a million starting places and a million roads to a million different online solutions to a creative career or business success, all of them dripping with technical terminology and a million marketeers telling you their solution is best. For the creative or creative business, this is a million solutions too many. Time spent trying to fathom the right technology or next digital step is time away from creating. A custom digital strategy looks deeply at where you are, what you want to achieve and what resources you have to get there. Carving that one best path for you through the million trees, helps you spend money and time to best advantage. Working from an informed position is empowering. READ MORE
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Once upon an internet pretty things were prized and now it’s a lot about metadata, analytics, mobile usability, SEO and UX, terms which most people would like to unhear. It’s about as fun for a business as filling out a tax return. However, most need a website for very practical reasons or need to change their website for even more specific practical reasons.
A website is an asset, a business tool, a part of the money and/or success making armoury, which can be as much about selling ideas as things.  A website is not just a front door to a business but the front room where you make friends with your audience and coax them to like your stuff.
I make custom websites, websites which do what you need them to do, meet all the tech specs and look like your brand, priced and geared for the next steps of your success. Sometimes this means creating something to solve a problem, sometimes it’s a step by step solution over time, sometimes it’s consulting on the whole digital front-end of a new business and then sometimes it’s just your not so garden variety website.  More here


Music photography has been a big part of my work with musicians in East Africa, typically because the first step in marketing for an emerging artist is to get some imagery which represents who they are and what they do. A great privilege actually to be taking those first shots for so many, a great experience to have documented a city (Nairobi) in the midst of a new music movement.
Website photography needs to tell the story of a brand and help the website deliver on it’s goals, but in new ways which engage audiences who have timeline overload. Being immersed in the brand research and business goals for a website build/review often helps when rethinking and producing the imagery.
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The ‘business’ landscape for emerging artists/musicians/creative entities might hold life changing potential for the few, but can be confusing and complex for most. The internet also might have levelled the playing field making it equally possible for all-comers from anywhere to get noticed, but at the same time that’s created a flood of talent and non talent which is hard to rise above. These are some of the challenges I’ve been working with creatives to tackle, particularly many from East Africa.
I provide guidance, training, services and management, particularly around digital components like branding, footprint, distribution and marketing, all tailored for the creative sector.
The approach is a combination of consulting, workshops, digital clinics and conference speaking. A bi-product of this is my Strategy Model for Emerging Musicians and some associated services. The pro bono work in East Africa has yielded significant impact, allowing musicians to DIY a better future for their music career.
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