Strategy Packages for Emerging Artists

The problem for many emerging artists is getting a foothold on the ladder of monetising their musical products and talents. It’s a battle to get attention beyond how good the music is, particularly in 2019 where the competition is both global and competitive, where getting music played is a fight against algorithms and attention, where the industry micro payments only make sense when there is volume.

Over the last nearly 10 years working with emerging artists and successful ones (mostly pro bono), I’ve seen over and over, any lack of success to monetise is often not because of lack of effort, but more from a lack of current industry knowledge and strategy. To get ahead of the curve emerging artists need to be smarter about how they raise their head above the parapet, need to be realistic about how much they need to DIY for themselves.

The audiences always decide, so having great music is never the whole story, although it helps. The trick is to be ready!

Having a solid foundation means that when opportunity comes, the journey will have fewer bumps.

Strategy Model for Emerging Artists

I’ve created a model to build a solid foundation, which you can read about here.

However, for those who need some support to get there, or just want the process to be quicker I’ve put together a list of packages below and one of them is FREE!


This is not a guaranteed route to success, nor is it me doing everything for you, but any one of these packages will help you build a solid foundation, work smarter and be ready for opportunities. The added value is having an outsider help you discover goals and focus, something it’s often hard to do alone.

A bi-product of any of these packages, is being able to do more of the emerging artist journey without hitching your musical cart to a manager or label, because we all know that the further you go down the road unattached, the more likely you are (if successful) to get better offers from better players. For the artist who likes autonomy and artistic control, doing the foundational stages alone has the potential for a lot less stress, and certainly a bigger share of the early pie.

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Level of DIY vs Supported DIY 50/50 25/75
Discovery Session (Voice call)
Digital Strategy Report




Basic Artist Website

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Care & SEO Packages
Industry Knowledge & Tips

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Digital Footprint Analysis Action Plan
Digital Distribution


Strategy Support


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Personalised Action Plan



Brand Identity Alignment Brand Reputation Management
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