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My approach to web development is goals oriented; not applying a single technical solution or template, but understanding on one side the target customer/audience experience, and on the other, client budget and alignment with the solutions. I’ve found over the years, that a web solution works best when it delivers on business/concept goals and when the client feels engaged and comfortable using the website.

This methodology requires a little more time and effort in the early stages, understanding and sometimes helping clients reframe their thinking around digital strategies, but ensures an end product which functions to support a clients objectives in a way which suits them.

Whether a site has massive or minimal functionality, whether it’s highly visual or text rich, whether it’s large or small, the solution is always a custom one, performance led but budget aware.

My development process is generally in 4 phases:

  • Research, analysis and in-depth understanding of brand/business/concept goals and existing digital footprint, allowing for a specific and tailored quote.
  • Wireframe development (creating the bones of what it will look and function like)
  • Placing Content
  • SEO, OG, Analytics, and User training.

There is no standard price because every case is a one-off. Very happy to have a no obligation discussion to produce a ballpark figure or options.

For website builds, after completion, I also offer a range of optional monthly care packages to maintain the site, add content, improve SEO, grow the digital footprint, provide analytics reports or digital strategy advice, all customised to suit a clients needs or budget.

My approach particularly suits, small independent or entrepreneurial businesses, creatives, creative enterprises and the not for profit sector, also clients who are pre-ecommerce and need to align their business/concept or create a roadmap to going fully digital.


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Digital Strategy for Emerging Artists

Understanding the principles of how digital can be tamed to help build sustainability and success as an artist in East Africa, is quite far removed from how an artist actually translates that into a workable strategy. The status quo, capacity and financial constraints in the locale can add to the challenges of embracing digital fully. Methods used globally, do not always work the same way in East Africa. Leveraging digital has a significant role in artist development and exposure and adds real value to the mostly DIY approaches artists in the region are taking. I have seen real value-add at many levels, and impact, from researching, testing, curating and sharing the available knowledge.

Commercial Digital Strategy

Any business has a finite set of resources to achieve it’s goals, a sound business strategy ought to now include a researched and viable digital strategy given that so much of nearly every commercial enterprise is impacted by online.


ONGEA 2017 | NAIROBI | Panelist

SAUTI ZA BUZARA Movers & Shakers 2017 | ZANZIBAR | Panelist

ONGEA 2018 | NAIROBI | Panelist



I’ve been deeply engaged with the creative sector in East Africa for more than 9 years, building an understanding of the real challenges, creating a body of potential new approaches for East African creatives (particularly musicians).

This work is self-funded from my commercial work, which offers the flexibly and reactiveness to impact on smaller initiatives, where the formal funding models struggle.

This close involvement in a scene over time, focusing on individual artist development and scene infrastructure, gives me a unique perspective and much data to add to discussions about the music business in East Africa.



Digital Strategy Workshop - Joose Digital


The opportunities for workshops came about after doing some talks on digital strategy, giving creatives some curated understanding of how to leverage digital in the growth of their career/creative business. Workshops offer the time to get a little deeper, customize the content, and be more relevant as participants are challenging their own strategies, rather than engaging with the theory.

Some examples:

Music in Africa ACCES conference | ‘A digital strategy model for musicians’ | Nairobi Nov 2018

4 x Masterclass Series on Digital for Creatives | NAIROBI | CREATIVES GARAGE funded by AFRICALIA [Oct 2017]

SOUNDS OF KILI | 3 day Musicians Bootcamp | ZANZIBAR | In collaboration with RML, CDEA, MUSIC IN AFRICA & GOETHE INSTITUT  [June 2016]


The music scene in East Africa, its personalities, its vibrancy, its authenticity, sometime rawness and low light, are an ongoing but pleasurable challenge. I love natural light and the effects and atmosphere of stage lighting. I am always looking for that iconic shot, the one that truly encapsulates an artist, which, in practice, translates to a lot of wasted head shots!

It’s a real joy when my photos of East African musicians appear in music industry media, because for me it’s all about shining a light on them.

Festival Photography | Artist/Album Photoshoots | Gigs & Events | Photography for websites


Alchemy Sessiosn Nairobi - Joose Digital
Alchemy Sessiosn Nairobi - Joose Digital


As the #nu creative movement in Nairobi picked up steam in 2016, there was a thirst for industry expertise and information among creatives, with no natural way to satiate it. The Alchemy Sessions provided an informal and soft way to help fill some of those knowledge gaps. The occasional afternoon sessions were/are hosted by a local guest expert who shares their experiences and expertise around a topic for around 20 minutes, followed by a lengthy Q&A and some time for socializing. As a ‘for free’ initiative, it relies on experts being willing to give their time. I also drop in regular sessions around digital strategy and marketing for creatives, but try to keep the focus mixed. Alchemy sessions are done in collaboration with the Alchemist Bar, Nairobi. Aside from getting larger than expected audiences, the results of this initiative have been amazing, many new connections have been forged, conversations have changed and it’s created an energy for similar sessions run by others.

Hosts have included: Jess White (Akum Agency), Muthoni (MDQ), Eric Musyoka (Producer), Marek Fuchs (CEO Sauti Sol Ent), Nameless (Musican/Producer), Makadem (Musician), Paul Ogala (Actor Sense8), Monique (TV Presenter/Singer), Blinky Bill (Musician), Ian Masters (Screen Writer)