The ‘business’ landscape for emerging artists/musicians/creative entities might hold life changing potential for the few, but can be confusing and complex for most.

The internet also might have levelled the playing field making it equally possible for all-comers from anywhere to get noticed, but at the same time that’s created a flood of talent and non talent which is hard to rise above.

These are some of the challenges I’ve been working with creatives to tackle, particularly many from East Africa.

I provide guidance, training, digital and management services, particularly around digital components like brand, footprint, distribution and marketing, all of which are tailored for the creative sector, in particular musicians. The aim being to synthesize and provide the best of industry knowledge which tactically helps musicians to professionalize the business side of their work. The what and how, differs from client to client but does enable artists to cherry-pick and stay independent while still getting the help they need to move forward.

For artists who love to DIY, clinics, workshops or custom support packages can help them get more bang for their efforts.

I also work with music organisations, NGO’s, Labels, Studios and managers, supporting their work by adding components to their services or providing specific services for special projects.

The approach is a combination of consulting, reports, support, direct services, articles, workshops, digital clinics and conference speaking. The base knowledge coming from my work in web and digital strategies along with ‘on the ground’ and industry research in music industry particulars.

The work in East Africa, much of it pro bono, has been significantly impactful. An interesting bi-product of the East African work is my Strategy Model for Emerging Musicians.

Strategy Model for musicians



Deep engagement with the creative sector in East Africa for more than 9 years, building an understanding of the real challenges and creating a body of new approaches for creatives (particularly musicians), has given me a unique perspective and much data to add to discussions about the challenges facing artists, scene infrastructure & the industry, along with some evidence pointing to potential solutions.

Much of this work has been self-funded via my commercial work, which has offered me the reactiveness to impact on smaller and immediate initiatives.

Chiluba, Recording Artist & Choreographer KENYA


“Thank you for making me understand the business side of being an artist”

KMRU, DJ/Producer, KENYA


“Tbh… I learnt quite a lot from Jude’s Alchemy Sessions… and I believe most of the Nairobi creative community did so too! Many thanks to you Jude… much appreciated.”


Workshops offer the time to get a little deeper, to customize the content and be more relevant as participants are engaged and challenging their own practise, rather than just the theory. Digital strategy and all the topics that it can cover for musicians (and other creatives) is probably one of the most impactful artist development tools on the ‘business end’ of a creative career.

So far workshops have been conducted in Kenya, Tanzania & Zanzibar, several attached to festivals or conferences. Some workshops can be on a pro bono basis.

For 2020, there will be new workshops based on the Strategy Model, aimed at helping emerging artists choose good strategies on the road to monetization.

Strategy Packages For Emerging Artists

Digital, knowledge and support packages tailored for musicians, some of which are zero cost.

Strategy Model For Emerging Artists

A unique strategy model for emerging musicians which guides through the first stages of professionalising their craft.

Digital Clinics for Musicians

Online or in person fast paced sessions lasting around 30 mins. Aiming to decipher and identify the best next step in strategy. Currently on offer for free!