COVID-19 Counter Measures for Emerging Musicians



ALT NRB Spotify playlist After just 3 months putting together the ALT NRB Spotify playlist, this August it became possible to include only fresh music – aka – music uploaded to Spotify with the last couple of months. This is … Read More

#nunairobi Soundcloud Playlist 2016

#nunairobi Soundcloud Playlist 2016 For a dip into the recent past, the music which helped to build the current vibrant creative scene in NRB, this playlist was curated from the music and artists who were active on soundcloud, while the … Read More

Spotify ALT NRB

The recent visit of Boiler Room to Nairobi has done much to open the eyes of  the global music industry to the creative energy in the city. But ‘scene’ level interest doesn’t necessarily convert into more sales, streams or plays … Read More

Dawn of a #nu movement

If you look hard enough I believe you can find great musicians and interesting music anywhere, but it’s the quantity and its pervasive infiltration into a society which to my mind defines whether somewhere has a musical soul or not. … Read More


[Originally posted Nov 11th 2016] January 2016, I found The Alchemist Bar, but I also found something else, a new energy in Nairobi. Something not quite tangible yet, but something in the air, like that feeling in the air just … Read More

Music Industry NRB 2017

Nairobi is home to nearly one tenth of the Kenyan population, with a staggering 50% of the population living in informal settlements in the city. A typical ‘average’ Kenyan statistically would be 19 years old, have 60/40 chance of employment … Read More

Edge Walking aka Disruptive Creativity

Jumping on to the mainstream with something similar to what is popular already – that’s one way to survive as a creative. For me though I have always been interested in the disruptive creative process. By disruption I mean in … Read More