I’m starting 2020 trying out a daily column on the Joose Digital Facebook page. An idea to see how useful this is to impact on general industry knowledge for emerging musicians. The insights on Facebook mean I can track the … Read More

Emerging Artists – is it all about the music?

Emerging Artists – is it all about the music?
How is the digital landscape changing things

The Kitchen Sink Model

Digital Strategy Model for Musicians – The Kitchen Sink Model I was recently asked to deliver a workshop on Digital Strategies for Artists at Acces2018 – the Music in Africa industry conference, held in Nairobi. In terms of guiding East … Read More

Celebrity Is Like A Room

Celebrity is like a room – The Room! If you’re already in the room – this post is not for you. Celebrity is like a room, The Room! Once you’re in that room many more opportunities are presented and you … Read More